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Vinyl Is Making A Big Comeback

The music industry has seen a rapid growth in vinyl sales in recent years

It seems to be in this fast paced, technologically advanced world people are becoming more and more draw to quality and substance in their music. Although audio streaming, free online downloads, torrents etc. have grown extremely popular and vastly utilized in our generation, critics want to know...is vinyl making a comeback? Since 2005, Vinyl sales have continued to surge worldwide despite their seemingly impending death. According to Statista LP purchases have climbed from less than a million to 6.1 million in a span of 8 years.


Society has come a long way since the invention of the typewriter, dwindling behind the glossy light of Macbook Pros, Iphones and lighter-sized entertainment devices that have the ability to compress thousands of intangible files inside their slender shells. However Convenience, an ever increasing fixation, “should never be prioritized so as to completely omit quality and substance”.

Unfortunately recent generations who have not been fortunate enough to experience the age of the vinyl, suffer from an inability to differentiate two vastly different sounds: Vinyl and digital. When it comes to converting a song, the subtle dynamisms disappear and the standards of the music inherently lower by default.

Avid vinyl advocates claim that records do much more to keep your wallet in your pocket than single-purchase songs on iTunes ever will:

  • They are virtually impossible to steal or duplicate. You can't download a vinyl record, because teleportation technology a la The Fly doesn't quite yet exist.

  • Modern vinyl records usually come with a complimentary download. Most often, knowledgable and/or well-known artists offer a free digital download of their album with the purchase of the original record

  • Vinyl is about people. Music brings people together, but the platform of in-person exchanges has vapidly ceased to exist. As music went digital, the world went remote. Afterall, commerce thrives with alienation.

It is no wonder that global enterprises found in the UK and Germany have skyrocketed since the late 90’s, resulting in $218 million sales by 2013. Prediction markets speculate a healthy trend for vinyl sales throughout the rest of 2014 and 2015.

Written by Ashley Feldman

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