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Tomorrowland Discloses The Details On Spreading To Asia

The rapid growth of Tomorrowland parallels the recent growth of EDM around the world. Originally only a European institution, Tomorrowland expanded to the United States in the form of Tomorrowworld and will make its way to South America in 2015 with Tomorrowland Brasil. Rumors of a Tomorrowland Goa in India gained steam over the past few months, but unfortunately a recent interview debunks any plans for an Asian expansion. 

Indian publication Bangalore Mirror conducted an interview with Tomorrowland press coordinator and spokesperson Debby Wilmsen regarding the existence of a Tomorrowland Goa. Wilmsen quickly shot down the idea stating:

"[The rumors are] not true. We organise TomorrowWorld US together with SFX, maybe SFX has plans to do an event, but Tomorrowland is NOT coming to India."

Although Wilsem debunked plans for a Tomorrowland Goa in an interview with Belgian newspaper Het Laatste Nieuws, many fans held on to hope that the organizers were holding back information. This latest interview seems to hammer down the final nail in the coffin, but India's burgeoning EDM scene may influence organizers to expand to the country in the coming years. 

Watch the Tomorrowland 2014 Aftermovie below:

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