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EDM.com Spotlight

Zedd Lists His Dream Collaborations

Last Thursday was quite eventful for Zedd, the Grammy-award winning producer. Two hours before the release of his Moment of Clarity documentary, Zedd went to Twitter for a classic #AskZedd Q&A session. The hashtag even ended up trending worldwide by the end of the Q&A.

As expected, his fans tweeted questions asking about new music, possible collaborations, and general inquiries. Zedd admitted that he is, in fact, secretly a unicorn, but “only on the weekends,” that the confetti emoji is his favorite, and gave the humorous advice to “always be yourself. Unless you can be Batman. Then always be Batman!” He teased his followers with mentions of his second studio length album to be released in 2015, but didn’t give much more information beyond that. Some of his more unexpected answers were in response to suggestions for collaborations. To name a few, he mentioned that he would love to work with Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars, and Katy Perry, but if he had to choose anyone in the world, it would be Adele. Back in May, Zedd claimed that he already that he was hoping he could get Katy Perry to sing on.

During the #AskZedd session, Zedd got a little help from producer friends Dillon Francis and deadmau5.

Head to Twitter to check out more of his #AskZedd session!

Written By Ascia Johnson

Photo Credit: Rukes

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