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Calvin Harris Appears In Trailer For Entourage Movie

The film adaptation of Entourage teased many fans of the hit HBO show over the years. After a lengthy period of development, the film finally received a release date of summer 2015. Details have been sparse so far, but today the first trailer for the film appeared online. None other than EDM superstar Calvin Harris appeared in the trailer, teasing a cameo role in the upcoming film. 

Yesterday Harris uploaded a poster of the fictional movie called Hyde, which teased the impending trailer release for the Entourage movie. The Entourage series followed Vincent Chase's experiences as an actor in Hollywood, and the poster references the other fictional films Chase starred in over the course of the show. Entourage often featured celebrity cameos, and it appears Harris joins the long list of celebrity cameos . Although Harris appears to play a minimal role in the film, his massive success has enabled him to crossover to a highly-anticipated movie. Harris' connection to HBO seems to run deep, considering his development of an EDM comedy show with Will Smith and Jay Z for the cable network. In another electronic music connection to Entourage, experimental producer Flying Lotus provides the soundtrack for the fictional Hyde movie. 

Watch the Entourage movie trailer below:

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