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Deadmau5 Dials In A New Sound With The Track "432"

Earlier this year, deadmau5 announced that he was deleting all the tracks from his soundcloud account, fuckmylife, and moving away from soundcloud to his own service, deadmau5 live. . He left only one track, “DAT KICK DOE,” a satirical track that he made when he accused hardstyle producer WildStylez of ripping off his track “Some Chords.” His Soundcloud channel, which had previously amassed over 33 million plays, was a place where deadmau5 often posted experimental tracks and previews to keep his fans anticipating his next move.

The outspoken producer seems to have returned to Soundcloud with a new track titled “432.” In his latest studio experiment ithat deadmau5 describes as “portalstep,” “432” is a 58 second track characterized by warped laughter layed over a resonate dial tone. The meaning behind the track title is most likely due to the theories that 432 Hertz (hz) in music is considered to be the natural frequency of the universe. Check out the ambient track below for yourself!

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