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Flying Lotus Leaked As First Artist on Coachella Lineup

Every year as New Year's approaches the music world gears up for another festival season, and the anticipation for the highly sought-after Coachella lineup reaches its pinnacle. Typically, Coachella’s lineups are released in mid to late January, and the highly coveted tickets go on sale shortly after. And though the Coachella lineup announcement is only a few short weeks away, that hasn’t stopped internet detectives from investigating and coming up with their own rumors and beliefs as to who will be gracing the stages of Coachella.

Websites like Travelgrom put out their own projected 2015 lineups and their lineups claim to be typically around 60% accurate, while others scour tour schedules, cancelled shows, and social media in hope of finding just one hint of who will be playing in the California desert.

This year’s first official leak comes from ChoiceCuts, a Dublin-based promotion company, who posted on Facebook saying that Flying Lotus had “unavoidable commitments in America,” pushing his show in Dublin from April 19, the last day of the second weekend of Coachella, to April 29. They followed the post up with a comment declaring that Flying Lotus was playing Coachella, therefore pushing his entire tour back. While the Facebook post has been deleted, check out the screenshot below to see for yourself.

Coachella Leak

And while we’re still waiting for the highly anticipated Coachella lineup to drop, check out the recently released beautiful aftermovie from last year’s festival!


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