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Feed Me EP and Spor Album Release Dates Announced

Jonathan Gooch, most commonly known by his producer aliases Feed Me and Spor, made great strides in his music career this past year. It'd be hard to top a year with the revival of the highly-praised "With Teeth" tour, but Feed Me seems set on kicking off 2015 with a bang. The producer announced on Twitter that a new Feed Me EP will release on February 1, a new Spor album will release on March 1, and a Spor remix of electronic/rock band The Prodigy is currently waiting to release. Feed Me keeps up the momentum from his 2014 EP Feed Me's Psychedelic Journey, and this Spor album will be the first release from the producer's drum and bass persona since 2012. No titles have been announced for the new material but more information should come out as the release dates near.

In October, Deadmau5 asked Feed Me on Twitter for some new Spor tracks, and we found out that there would be 12 new tracks on the way.  We also saw Feed Me upload a video teaser to Instagram with the words "S is for..."  

S is for...

A video posted by @feedme on

Watch the video for the Feed Me and Kill the Noise collaboration "Far Away" below:

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