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Daft Punk Tribute Band Going On Tour

Even though Daft Punk broke through pop culture once again in 2013, the French duo showed no plans for touring in the forseeable future. The last time the dynamic duo hit the road was back in 2007, which spawned the unforgettable live album Alive 2007. Australia, now a dance music mecca, was completely snubbed by the last few Daft Punk tours. To fill the void for the country down under, another duo announced plans to tour Australia as "Discovery-Australia's Daft Punk Tribute Show." Helmed by Melobourne DJs Damian Andres and Matt Campbell, the tribute show will span a three-month long tour that stops in nearly every Australian market, complete with unique production and Daft Punk's original music. The two started the tribute group three years ago, but this venture marks the first extensive tour of their passion project. 

Take a look at the "Discovery" Tribute Show tour dates below:

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