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EDM.com Spotlight

Above & Beyond Release Greek Theatre Instrumental Set Aftermovie

Above & Beyond take us behind-the-scenes for their legendary 2013 instrumental set at the historic Greek Theatre in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles' historic Greek Theatre has hosted an staggering numbering of performances over the years, however, Above & Beyond’s two-night acoustic spectacular proved to be one for the books. Not only are Paavo, Jono, and Tony of A&B three of the biggest stars in the current EDM movement, but they are also known for their unparalleled acoustic performances. The trance superstars kicked things up a notch when they asked Skrillex to join them on stage for a second time.

Over a year after the first collaborative performance, A&B has released a post-show video of thier legendary Greek Theater performance. The after-movie brings viewers behind the scenes of their acoustic extravaganza and includes instrumental versions of the most-loved songs from A&B such as “Sun & Moon,” and “Love Is Not Enough.” The Greek Theatre proved to be the perfect venue for the event, considering that the stage is located in a scenic forest that makes attendees feel like they’re in a different world. The two night performance shouted to the world that electronic music isn’t just pushing buttons, and there are new horizons to be reached in the genre.

Watch the after movie of Above & Beyond’s two-night instrumental show below.

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