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Moby Claims Aiming For The Top 40 Is "Being Disingenuous"

London’s Mixmag sat down with one of this generation’s most prolific electronica acts, Moby, to hear his commentary on the current state of mainstream music and the artists that gear their work towards what might be popular. Credited for performing live ambient music, Moby feels as if there is no point in producing music based off his live performace because it is for the wrong reasons. This process shames the creativity and passion that producers like himself value in a record. He even claims that aiming for a “top 40 domination” makes him sad.

“Some people are very good at being disingenuous,” states Moby, “but now there’s no real reason to be. In the old days if someone compromised they’d sell 10 million records. These days you’ll get 10,000 downloads. So why even consider it when there’s no incentive? But the reality is that there aren’t many people that are pursuing commercial success and notoriety that are also making really inspiring music.”

As for his contemporary EP, Hotel: Ambient, a disc 2 of his 2005 Hotel album, saw a release in December. Tracks include reworks of, ‘Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?’, ‘Memory Gospel’ and ‘Sweet Apocalypse’. After a roughly 30-year career, Moby admits to always having reservations towards exploring the power of this music live. Due to it’s nature, ambient music has its limitations, an issue which has prevented him from pushing his live performance until now.

"Ambient music live only works in a few different places. You can’t do it at a festival because you wouldn’t hear anything, and in a rock club it would feel kinda scummy. So it needs to be done in a very site specific space."

After years of success and continued hard work, it is evident that no one is better suited to perform a series of ambient textures under sound specific venues. Pick up a copy of  Hotel: Ambient here.

Written by: Ashley Feldman


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