EDM.com Spotlight

EDM.com Spotlight

Flume And His Entourage Explain His Rapid Success

As a spearhead of the Australian bass movement, and a phenomenon in his own right, Flume has had a monumental year that would make producers at any level salivate in jealousy.  Straddling the line between electronic and indie music, the talented young Aussie has weaved a unique path to stardom, although he didn’t do it alone. At Sydney’s Electronic Music Conference (EMC), the group of industry professionals responsible for the Flume prosperity gathered to discuss the key to success, emphasizing the importance of a synchronized team.

Led by Nathan McLay, Flume’s manager and the founder of Future Classic, the panel gives us a glimpse into the strategic planning that takes place before the lights go up and a single note is played. Flume’s team all work together to guide creativity and present a consistent brand. Harley explained, “the music really is just one small part of the big puzzle, and these dudes… they make Flume what it is today.”
While Hesitant to reveal too much about his upcoming album, Flume explained that he’s taking his time, stating, “I want it to be awesome… I really want to make sure that it is what I want to be.”  

Good news for What So Not fans though, an EP is confirmed to be completed and coming soon.

Written by Ashley Stahl 
Cover Photo: Patrick Stevenson  

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