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EDM.com Spotlight

Midnight Tyrannosaurus Unveils Midnight Snacks: Vol. 1

You have never chomped down on bass this crunchy.

For those of you out there that were under the impression that the gift-giving season had already concluded, you were sorely mistaken. In an effort to keep those joyful holiday vibes flowing, we here at EDM.com linked up with one of dubstep’s most intriguing and talented producers, Midnight Tyrannosaurus. With a ton of unreleased material stockpiled into his catalog of music, the 20+ tracks on Midnight Snacks: Vol. 1 should easily provide ample sustenance to anybody suffering from a severe case of bass munchies. This collection of wicked tunes is not just a free album - it’s a rowdy dubstep adventure unlike anything you have ever experienced.

The album opens with back-to-back vocal tracks, with the instruments assertively taking control at the halfway mark of “The Dark Monarch.” From there on out, you better be fully prepared for the dubstep dangers that await you. What begins as a quiet morning eating cereal and playing video games, quickly turns into a bloodied battlefield full of casualties. Covered in fantastic vocal samples from front to back, Midnight Tyrannosaurus utilizes clips from many of your favorite childhood cartoons, movies, and video games. From Beavis & Butt-head to Dark Souls, Family Guy to Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, clearly no form of pop culture is off limits. Over these past few months, the hype surrounding tracks like “The One From Dark,” “The Good, The Bad & The Gecko,” & “Headzipper” has been absolutely unbelievable. In addition to those stupendous songs, both of his collabs with Dubloadz & Wikidill are instant attention-getters as well.

There is no better gift that a producer could give to his supporters than free music - and this album certainly has that in abundance. Whether you are already familiar with Midnight Tyrannosaurus or this is just your first time hearing of him, this killer collection is sure to make your holidays substantially more bass heavy.

Please help yourself to a free download of Midnight Snacks Vol. 1 below. It’s guaranteed to satisfy your appetite for mouthwatering dubstep.

FREE DOWNLOAD: http://bit.ly/1vj0Vrz


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