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EDM.com Spotlight

MAKJ Literally Urinates On A New Generic EDM Track

MAKJ premiered his new track, "Generic," on THUMP today, and his explanation of the track's genesis is pretty ridiculous. He actually recorded himself urinating into a toilet and utilized the splashing sound in the track. We've included the video below, which comes via THUMP's Instagram account.


Also, MAKJ told THUMP, "I made it a year and a half ago, and debuted it at Ultra in Miami this March. Every DJ would say, 'This sounds pretty generic,' so that’s what I named the track. Some people are laughing about it and other people are saying it sucks giant cock."

THUMP asked him if the song is a parody of dance music, and his answer was kind of depressing. MAKJ said, "I want to say yes [it is a parody], but I want to say no. It’s one of the best songs in my set. It’s the kind of song you show to your mom and dad after they listen to four other songs in the Beatport Top 10, and they would not know the difference. It’s not a parody… but it kind of is."

Listen to "Generic" below. 


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