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Avicii Spending $350,000 To Combat Termites In $15.5 Million Hollywood Mansion

Avicii made headlines when he forked out $15.5 million dollars for a mansion in the Hollywood Hills earlier this year. Unfortunately, the star producer will have to spend another large chunk of money to combat a massive termite infestation. Avicii will have to spend $350,000 to fight termites at the mansion.

Several hundred thousands termites have caused a lot of damage to Avicii's new property. To make matters worse, water damage has forced the producer to pay for new roofing, walls, and decking. All of the construction has reportedly made Avicii's neighbor, Robin Thicke, very unhappy. The constant construction work has led to lots of traffic in the high-end neighborhood.

Avicii has had a lot of time to plan out how he wants to remodel the mansion due to his break from touring. Normally, we wouldn't report on stories like this. However, Avicii is one of the biggest names in dance music, and he's throwing a lot of money around. We hope Avicii gets well soon so that he can take advantage of this enormous home.

View some pictures of Avicii's mansion below.



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