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Kaskade Announces New Record Label, 'Arkade'

Kaskade is known as an artist who has carved out his own path in the music industry. He is one of the few superstar American producers who worked tirelessly throughout the 1990s to build dance music into the stateside monster it is today. He has worked in so many different parts of the music industry, including as a record label A&R and a record store owner. With all the experience Kaskade possesses, it only makes sense that the dance music star would want to create his own record label.

Kaskade announced his new record label, Arkade, via Tumblr today, and we've included the full text below.

"I love music.

I write music, produce music, remix music – go out every weekend and play music.

Music is life.

We all conjure up portions of memories that influence who we are.  As a kid much of my free time was spent skateboarding and hanging out at Dog Ear Records. It was a combination arcade and record shop; everything I needed under one roof. If they served hot dogs I probably would still be there. I would go after school and dig through the crates of vinyl and try to master the art of Galaga.

Combining things I love.

I have worked at a record store and later on owned and operated a record store. I have worked at a studio and at a record label. I have pressed CD’s and sold mix tapes; even slung vinyl out of the trunk of my car.

Music has always been my passion.

Arkade is my new label. There is an abundance of raw talent out there, now more than ever. There is also a dire need for new talent to be brought to the forefront.  Arkade is here to do that, to promote one kind of music.

Music that I love."

[H/T: Kaskade's Tumblr]

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