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EDM.com Spotlight

Electronic Opus - Revolutionizing The Heart of Dance Music

BT seeks to revolutionize the electronic music experience.

Legendary producer, DJ and film composer BT is coming out with a new project that aims to revolutionize music performance. With an emphasis on live sound, the project, Electronic Opus, will combine the raw power of a live orchestra with the malleability of electronic dance music. However, BT needs your help! He launched a Kickstarter campaign which has already received over 1,500 donations, totalling more than $185,000. With just over 3 days left to go in the campaign, he still needs to raise $15,000 more in donations in order to make the project happen (with Kickstarter, it's either all or nothing).

The project is truly revolutionary in nature, and one that was laughed at by record company executives. Bringing to life over two decades of legendary and innovative music from BT himself, the album will pair the classical musicianship of a symphony orchestra with the upbeat, high-energy, limitless creative potential of electronic music - a mission that is both laudable and inspiring. 

Produced by BT and the award-winning composer Tommy Tallarico, Electronic Opus will feature a plethora of BT’s signature songs that are re-arranged to include the melodies of a full orchestra. Taking approximately two and a half full studio days to record, the project will include some of BT’s most popular hits over the last 25 years. These dynamic new tracks will undoubtedly make Electronic Opus a one-of-a-kind live music and concert experience that we quite frankly can't afford to pass up.

If the Kickstarter is successful, the project will premiere in March of 2015. This collaboration could quite possibly reinvent the 21st century symphonic experience; if this doesn't pique your interest, you might want to check your pulse!

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