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Could Skrillex Be ZHU?

Earlier this year, a mysterious track called “Moves Like Ms. Jackson” was uploaded to SoundCloud, and it spread like wildfire across the EDM community. Eventually, after some intrigue, the mysterious producer's identity was revealed to be ZHU, who now known for his EP The Nightday EP, and his hit single “Faded,” which was recently nominated for a Grammy for “Best Dance Recording of 2014.”

While ZHU has maintained a high degree of anonymity and mystery even as he headlines festivals and plays shows around the world, there was a fair assumption as to the identity of the incognito producer. Many believed that ZHU was, in fact, Steven Zhu, an LA-native who has released tracks on labels like Dim Mak, but never found major success on a label. Thus, Steven Zhu embarked on the ZHU project, and, as we all know, become a superstar in the process.

Today, a video surfaced from Stereosonic Brisbane where ZHU was scheduled to play. As a part of the mystere, ZHU’s performances involve a white sheet shrouding the DJ from the crowd with visuals being played over the sheet. As ZHU’s hit “Faded” blared through the speakers, the sheet was dropped revealing Skrillex, as he dropped “Faded” into “My Name Is Skrillex” and announced that he hoped people enjoyed the ZHU project.

It is unlikely that Skrillex was the mastermind behind ZHU, as ZHU’s North American debut at HARD Day of the Dead coincided with a headlining slot by Skrillex at Voodoo Festival in New Orleans, but this video does raise a lot of interesting questions. Whether or not Skrillex had anything to do with ZHU or he just came to the stage before ZHU's set ended, this was certainly an elaborate promotional scheme from ZHU and his management, TH3RD Brain, who also manages Krewella.

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