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Above & Beyond Releases Madison Square Garden Aftermovie

A&B releases 12 minute aftermovie of 100th Group Therapy

Above & Beyond's 100th Group Therapy show at Madison Square Garden was undoubtedly the biggest event in the trio's nearly 15 year-long career. On October 18th, the group took control of the renowned entertainment center with supporting acts by Mat ZoAndrew Bayer, and ilan Bluestone, providing a live-stream of the entire event start to finish. With thousands of attendees present in both MSG and watching abroad, Above & Beyond's performance featured a slew of new music from their upcoming album "We Are All We Need." The day beforehand, the group shot the music video to the album's title track, narrowly missing arrest after a crowd of fans turned up for the event and blocked traffic.

Above & Beyond's aftermovie depicts the entire build-up to the event, along with the opening performances and A&B's 2 hour long set. The video perfectly encapsulates the emotions experienced by all who attended the event, and the commentary by the illustrious trio adds an incredible depth to the entire video. Any true Above & Beyond fan will appreciate the variety of content in the video, from amazing clips, inspirational quotes, and even a new single featuring Zoe Johnston called "Fly To New York." Even if you're not a die-hard fan, the film makes it undeniably clear that this trio has had an unparalleled influence on dance music culture as a whole.

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