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EDM.com Spotlight

Kaskade Releases Quirky New Music Video For 'A Little More'

The chart-topping collaboration receives a brand new music video

Kaskade's collaboration with John Dahlback and Sansa "A Little More" has been steadily rocking the Beatport Top 10 chart since the day of its release, and it has finally received a comical and euphoric music video to match. The song's driving melody and soothing lyrics make for the perfect addition to Kaskade and Dahlback's already highly-respected catalogues, and the producers will be riding this wave right into 2015.

The quirky music video follows an ill-informed tourist who tries to make the most of his trip to what he believes is Hawaii, but in reality is most likely Iceland. The narration by the tourist really adds a humorous touch to the music video, and instills a warm and sympathetic feeling in tangent with Sansa's soft lyrics. Watch the music video premiere below!


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