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EDM.com Spotlight

Staff Picks: 5 Favorite Songs Of The Week Vol. 7

Every week, a staff member of the EDM.com team collects a short list of their favorite tracks that they've been rinsing as of late. This week, our Staff Picks are curated by Lauren Mikkor and she found a number of great tracks released during the Stereosonic tour down under. 

Here are Lauren's 5 favorite tracks of the last week:

1. Zac Waters - "No Quarter"

The curator of Mel-Trance, a fusion of Melbourne Bounce and Trance elements is at it again with his latest Original, ‘No Quarter’ - sporting haunting choir vocals and a hard hitting baseline, this tune is gaining some serious traction on stages and dance floors around the world. One of the most promising new talents quickly emerging from the depths of the Australian dance music scene - following closely in the footsteps of the likes of Will Sparks, Joel Fletcher and J-Trick - Zac Waters’ ‘No Quarter’ is in close competition to Zac’s break out original ‘Zenit.’

2. ODESZA - Say My Name ft. Zyra (Markus Schulz remix) 

A mix-mash of genre influences come together to create one incredible version of ODESZA’s Say My Name - one that has been catching some great reactions by the Trance family and EDM community alike. An Uplifting melody and euphoric drops combined with the Zyra’s incredible vocals create the perfect recipe for a track perfect for the mainstage or an intimate, dimly lit nightclub.

3. Justin Timberlake - What Goes Around, Comes Around (MUTO Remix)

This emerging artist has brought Timberlake’s classic ‘What goes around, comes around’ back to life with this incredible remix - bringing a chilled out and melodic twist to the early 2000’s anthem. With early support already from Flume, there is no doubt this brand new artist is going to be noticed a lot more - almost 2 million plays on a remix couldn’t be wrong.

4. Señor Roar - "Jenga"

The Diplo tick of approval usually warrants a listen to any track - and Aussie duo Señor Roar have certainly delivered with their newest jam, “Jenga.” Esteemed by not only the king of the booty, but the likes of TJR and Botnek - Señor Roar defy the predicability of genres and pull in tasters from a mix of influences to create a masterpiece that is sure to get the dance floor heated. As a limited time free download - this is certainly one to get your hands on.

5. Will Sparks - 'Another Land' 

Another Land shows that Will Sparks is more than just a great producer - the title song of his freshly released EP features vocals sang & written by Will Sparks himself for the first time ever. After a successful string of shows back home for Stereosonic, the release of Another Land and already incredible response has put the cherry on top of a very successful year - both for Sparks and Melbourne Bounce. With even more big collaborations and remixes in the works, there are still no signs of Will Sparks quietening down. 



What songs are you listening to?


By Lauren Mikkor