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EDM.com Spotlight

The World's 5 Best Sound Systems For EDM

From clubs to stadiums, the 5 best speaker brands in the business

Sound systems are essential to the dance music experience. Though clearly a science, audio engineering and invention is also a form of art. Many of us are driven by a passion for sound, as the reality that we hear in sound unites us at nightclubs and festivals around the world. Several significant factors are involved in the installation and customization process, including how individual venues should be acoustically treated by speaker placement, which components produce which frequencies, high fidelity and transparency, and most importantly, when the sound will hit the crowd. As Dave Gunness, the mastermind behind Fulcrum Acoustics stated in an interview, “There’s an awful lot of art in speaker design. It isn’t a purely technical pursuit.” The complex understanding of how loudspeaker systems are designed and built is extensively detailed, and it is important to be familiar with the top sound systems that are dedicated to delivering quality sound at top nightclubs around the world. 


Nightclubs: SOUND Los Angeles, Space Ibiza, Space Moscow, Privilege Ibiza, Beta Denver, Output New York, Marquee New York, Cielo New York, Berghain Berlin, LiFE Las Vegas, Mansion Miami, Q Nightclub Seattle, Beta Nightclub and more.

Funktion-One has become an industry standard over the past fifteen years. Established in 1992 by Tony Andrews and John Newsham, Funktion-One has built its name on the production of impressive and accurate audio quality. Designed specifically for the club world, the loudspeaker system appears in nearly in every country in the world. These systems offer an unprecedented level of power combined with a breathtaking transparency and purity. The company’s signature technology, the use of paper cones instead of metallic compression drivers, is the dynamic force in perfecting sonic accuracy. Their technological and purist approach manages to avoid the use of a fixed inherent EQ, as this would degrade available headroom and phase coherence. This ensures outstanding directional control and sound can be focused precisely where it is needed, while minimizing distortion and environmental impact. The configured system is an ideal balance between accuracy in reproduction and high-energy output. While their designs may have been imitated over the years, none have been surpassed.

Void Acoustics

Nightclubs: Sankeys Ibiza, AIR Amsterdam, DC-10 Ibiza, Monarch San Francisco, Nikki Nightclub Chicago, Studio 338 London, Mixmag Los Angeles and London Lab, and more.

Void Acoustics unites cutting-edge technology with ground-breaking design aesthetics. Established in 2002, Void has an international distribution network, including Europe, North and South America, Russia and Asia. Void has a reputation for reliable, high-end products that create a revolutionary and unobtrusive look. All speakers are available in a desired color to match interior or style, harmoniously complimenting a venue’s surroundings.

D&B Audiotechnik

Nightclubs: Pacha Ibiza, Echostage Washington DC, Belasco Theater Los Angeles, and more.

D&B Audiotechnik operates internationally in electro acoustics to produce speedy, configurable and quality audio production. With its remarkable clarity as well as extraordinary dynamic bandwidth, D&B Audiotechnik V-Series achieves an extensive range of frequency bands and an impressive power capability. The flexible, stand-alone system ranges from small to large configurations, consisting of V8 and V12 loudspeakers. The composition is a three-way passive design powered by a single amplified channel to all three sections. The German manufacturer, founded in 1981, is used internationally in Europe, America and Asia.

Martin Audio

Nightclubs: Ministry of Sound London, Verboten Brooklyn, U Street Music Hall Washington DC, Pacha London, Revolution Canada, Marquee Sydney, Barocco Club Vietnam, Shoumen Bulgaria, Versus Los Angeles, and more.

Martin Audio sound systems unites audiences through custom-designed, professional sound in successful tours, venues and festivals. The state-of-the-art system’s design philosophy emphasizes coherent sound in acoustic design, not dependent on electronic correction. With over forty years of live sound experience, Martin Audio has been recognized by Beatport’s Top 10 Club Sound Systems, as well as being responsible for delivering a complete sound system for Ministry of Sound for a decade, and more.

Fulcrum Acoustics

Nightclubs: XS Las Vegas, Surrender Las Vegas, Light Las Vegas, Bardot Hollywood, and more.

Founded in 2008 by audiophile Dave Gunness, Fulcrum Acoustics manufactures audio ingenuity for the hottest nightclubs in Vegas, LA and Singapore. The system, designed and installed by John Lyons Systems of Hollywood, overcomes common speaker limitations by advanced digital signal processing (DSP) innovative components. Fulcrum components are designed for various spaces to complement a venue’s architectural style all while providing unmatched clarity, even in the smallest enclosures. The loudspeaker system is equipped to sustain outdoor environments as well, such as The Light at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, which utilizes 50 Fulcrum Acoustic Prophile S loudspeakers to provide nightclub quality sound to pool visitors.

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