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EDM.com Spotlight

EmazingLights and iHeartRaves Bring Music Lovers Together

Brian Lim's passion for EDM has strengthened the community as a whole

Rave culture has always been serious business for passionate dance music lovers out there. Many people who fall in love with raves look for ways they can further become an integral part of the culture, whether it be through their fashion or even picking up hobbies that are commonplace among ravers. However, fully immersing yourself into rave culture was easier said than done in the past. Brian Lim, the founder of EmazingLights and iHeartRaves, is one of the major advocates of rave culture, and he has helped make it more accessible. 

Gloving, the latest twist on light shows, first emerged in 2006 and has become very popular. Lim says, “After seeing how extremely difficult it was to get gloving products four years ago, I saw an opportunity to provide a great service for a new demand that just started to evolve. I was also very unhappy with the quality of products at that time and as a glover wanted to develop my own products that were better fitted for our lifestyle. After selling locally via Craigslist and doing deliveries/meetups and seeing glovers' eyes light up like Christmas morning, I was convinced I could make a difference in the EDM and gloving world.” If you are unfamiliar with gloving, watch the EmazingLights video below.

In addition to gloves, Lim found that there was nowhere ravers could go to buy the clothing they wanted to wear to events. He says, “EDM festivals have always been about expressing yourself and letting your creativity shine through. We found it was extremely difficult to find specialty type of clothing and outfits for dance music festivals, and once we figured out that the entire scene goes through the same problem, iHeartRaves was born!” iHeartRaves has become the world's biggest retailer of rave fashion and accessories. However, they first came to my attention when they uploaded the hilarious video below. The video went viral with more than 300,000 views.

When I first heard that EmazingLights and iHeartRaves were founded by the same person, I initially wondered why he created two different brands when they seem to be so closely related. However, Lim's explanation made a lot of sense to me. He says, “EmazingLights is the pioneer of gloving and light show art forms. Although gloving originated from the rave scene, it has become its own lifestyle. Understanding that building an entire community from scratch takes laser focus and dedication, and I did not want to bombard light show artists with rave/EDM outfits. EmazingLights today is 100% dedicated to pioneering the light show community, while iHeartRaves is 100% dedicated to building the rave/edm fashion scene.” 

In addition to a wildly successful online store, Lim has opened brick & mortar EmazingLights/iHeartRaves stores in West Covina, CA, Milpitas, CA, and Dallas, TX. The retail stores often hold special events, including kandi-making, festival preparation, and gloving competitions. In 2013, they sponsored over 15 festivals and events. This included a pop-up superstore at Treasure Island Hotel during EDC Las Vegas, which provided EDC-goers with the opportunity to purchase some last minute gear.

Lim is extremely proud of his team of 40+ members, who all have a deep passion for EDM. When I asked what he loves most about being a part of EmazingLights and iHeartRaves, he told me, “Getting heartwarming messages daily about how EmazingLights or iHeartRaves has literally saved people’s lives and has given thousands a great way to express themselves and be confident in themselves.” While outsiders might criticize the EDM scene, there's no doubt the culture has provided a way for ravers to express themselves.

In fact, Lim has one goal for the brands he has created. He states, “The goal for both brands has always been to bring people together for a common cause and spread happiness. In many ways it reflects the ideals of dance culture itself.”

The word “rave” had a negative connotation in the past, but it has become more culturally acceptable with massive events like Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas and Ultra Music Festival becoming popular destinations for teenagers and young adults. Rave culture used to be a counterculture movement, and it is still an effective way for people to express themselves in a unique way. It is unquestionably becoming more mainstream for a variety of reasons, which I believe to be a great thing for everyone. It pushes a message of open-mindedness and love, and that is something the world could always use more of.

“We live in a unique time and are fortunate enough to be a part of such an incredible movement,” says Lim. “Every single person who works at EmazingLights and iHeartRaves has a passion for dance music and does what they do for the benefit of the community. We don’t fit into the culture; we are all part of the culture. It all comes back to having fun and being yourself and that is what we are all about.”

If you are going to Ultra Music Festival, be sure to check out the EmazingLights/iHeartRaves superstore. If their EDC Las Vegas superstore was any indication of how their Ultra superstore will be, you will definitely enjoy your time there. If you RSVP for the store, you will receive a special discount on your purchases. You can RSVP here: https://www.facebook.com/events/503687983086125/

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