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The Glitch Mob’s New Album Goes Hard

Love Death Immortality is a breath of fresh air

The wait is over; The Glitch Mob have finally released their much-awaited album Love Death Immortality. The three-piece group from Los Angeles released their We Can Make the World Stop EP in 2012, and have been relatively quiet since then. However, the wait was well worth it because The Glitch Mob brought the heat with Love Death Immortality.

The 10-track album is full of room-shaking bass from front to back.  I’ve been a fan of The Glitch Mob for years, so needless to say I was excited for the album. I can honestly say that this album is my favorite of theirs to date. The first single from the album, “Can’t Kill Us,” was released in December to hold fans over until the album's release on February 11, 2014. “Can’t Kill Us” is similar to their work from their first album Drink The Sea (2010), in that it features movie score elements.

What makes “Can’t Kill Us” and the rest of Love Death Immortality different from everything else The Glitch Mob have done to date comes from some clear stylistic changes. Previously, The Glitch Mob’s resume was a mix between heavy, bass-filled bangers, relaxed glitch-hop, and soothing synthpop. For Love Death Immortality, the trio rid themselves of their “chill” songs and decided to up the tempo and keep the bass flowing throughout.

My first reaction to the album was how stunning the vocals were on “Our Demons,” “I Need My Memory Back,” and “Fly By Night.” The Glitch Mob haven’t worked with that many vocalists in the past, and these three tracks specifically featured really powerful and catchy vocals. “I Need My Memory Back” featuring Aja Volkman is easily my favorite track on the record. The track goes hard and features beautiful synths, pounding bass, and some elements of funk.

The Glitch Mob created a more commercially friendly album than we are accustomed to from them, given the current trends in dance music. There are likely some who will criticize them for doing so, but keep an open mind; Love Death Immortality is still incredibly fresh, despite its commercial appeal.

Love Death Immortality is available for purchase iTunes. Be sure to catch The Glitch Mob on their first tour since 2011. Tour dates and tickets are available via their website

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