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EDM.com Spotlight

Datsik Appears On Fox News

Datsik explains dance music to Grand Rapids, Michigan

In a surprising move, Datsik appeared on Fox 17 Local News in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I don't know about you, but I've never had a popular producer appear on one of my local news stations. Keep in mind that this Fox news affiliate is completely different from the wildly controversial Fox News you're familiar with.

It is great to see a producer receive recognition from a local news outlet. Local news programs are known for typically being quite bland and following a strict formula. However, to give someone like Datsik a platform to talk about dubstep is almost unheard of. It doesn't sound like either of the anchors featured in the video listen to dubstep in their free time, so I'm interested to find out who decided Datsik would be a good interview subject for the news station.

In the interview, Datsik proved to be a great representative of the dance music community. He was articulate throughout the video, and he provided a detailed description of his live show. To help the general public gain a better understanding of EDM, Datsik said, "The coolest part about this electronic dance music thing is it takes elements from all different types of music, all different genres, and kind of throws it into a blender. That's kind of what I try to do. I play a lot of dubstep, hip hop, trap, and all that kind of stuff. I try to mix it all together, and mix it with classic stuff that people know. It makes for a unique, different, exciting experience."

I hope the older crowd in Grand Rapids were able to get a better feel for the kind of music the younger generation is listening to. Parents might not want to listen to dance music, but maybe this has helped them understand the music a bit more.

The interview was aired a day before Datsik played at Concord Music Hall in Chicago and literally brought the roof down. It's a good thing the accident didn't take place prior to the Fox interview, as it likely would have taken precedence over what Datsik discussed. Luckily, the blame for the accident in Chicago has been correctly placed on the venue rather than the talent. The venue should have been well aware of how much bass Datsik brings to his shows.

I'm very interested to see if more producers receive mainstream media recognition in the near future. There's no doubt that dance music has gotten huge, but receiving placement on local news stations is a whole different level of media attention. 

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