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Porter Robinson Announces New Album

Worlds' announcement comes via a 10-hour YouTube video

Porter Robinson is back and is dropping hints at his album, Worlds. While the album has yet to receive a release date, there seems to be a hidden message found in his latest YouTube clip, which he tweeted about earlier today. The clip is ten hours long and begins with a brief taste of peaceful harmonies in a surrounding area of atmospheric landscaping. After a few moments, a message via the emergency broadcast system comes up on your screen. The message is addressed to the "boroughs of worlds." A continuation of the album title is then repeated in a suspenseful manner, followed by 3D shapes and hidden, unscripted codes.  

I was hoping for a release date to pop out for me, but of course, it wouldn't be much fun if that happened, right Porter? Regardless, Porter fans are spending hours watching for the hidden, album release dates to appear somewhere in the ten-hour teaser.  

Back in November, Porter caused quite a stir when he signed to Astralwerks following a bidding war among various record labels. In an interview with Billboard, Porter explained why he decided to go with Astralwerks over the other labels: "There are a lot of labels out there that want to have the next big EDM thing and that’s totally not what the album is about at all. It kind of lives more in the alternative space than in the dance world. I needed a team of people who had experience with both worlds."

Astralwerks' success with Mat Zo's groundbreaking Damage Control album last year shows that the label is focused on staying ahead of the curve in dance music. Glenn Mendlinger, GM of Astralwerks, says, "There will be multiple singles that will excite and surprise people and touch multiple formats. The musical direction of this album is non-linear; it shatters pre-conceived notions of formulaic dance music and elicits a visceral response, exploring the themes of vastness, beauty and emotion. With the evolution of radio in the US, as well as the rapid growth of dance music here, the stage is set for us to bring Porter’s music to a much wider audience than what was possible even one year ago.”

Mendlinger didn't stop there. He says, "Expect genre-defying music, technology, visual art, forward-thinking social media integration and a bold touring strategy [from this project].”

With the promise that Worlds will feature multiple hits in addition to non-formulaic dance music, everyone should be looking forward to its release. From all of the talk surrounding the album, it certainly sounds like it will be one of the best albums of 2014.

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