EDM.com Spotlight

EDM.com Spotlight

Bet You Can't Break It Down Like This

Think your dancing skills are pretty rad? Prepare to reevaluate that after watching the Super Sega Brothers, Corey "Sonic" Scherer and Shaun "Knuckles" Hill, go HAM in their well-edited dance video, set to Tincup’s banger “What I Want.”

“For the past couple months we both have been obsessed with Tincup’s music," said The Brothers. "We just had to make a video to one of his songs. We plan on making more videos to his music in the near future.”

I’m guessing at this point you’re inspired to try out some of their moves, but exercise caution lest you pull a hammy or two. These two are on some next level…stuff, and have already begun making a name for themselves on the national scene.

“We both met up two years ago and we both already danced a little, and then decided to form a crew together,” the duo explains. “We have won first place at many regional and national dance competitions, but now it’s time to take it to the next level - we are doing America’s Got Talent this year.”

I was personally upset that Tails didn’t receive top billing in their crew, but not to worry – two of their students will be blessed with the Tails and Shadow monikers in the near future. Keep repping the “D” in EDM guys! “Dance,” that is.