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Weekly Playlist: Valentine’s Day Edition

With Valentine's Day around the corner, we got a little sentimental with this week's love inspired playlist.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, I enacted the help of my boyfriend for this week’s holiday themed playlist. Go ahead, call me cliché; I don’t care, because this mix is one of my favorites so far in this lovely series. And to be perfectly honest, I find Valentine’s Day to be way more stress than it’s really worth, what with all the pressure to find the gift that says “I love you” in that oh so perfect way, and the expectation that you’re going to look absolutely fantastic (as if every other day of the year it’s ok to look like crap).

Nevertheless, I’m just like every other girl on the planet and expect flowers, dinner, and maybe even one of those semi-cute-in-a-creepy-way teddy bears, when February 14th rolls around, so I pretty much HAD to make a love-themed mix this week. And to kick it off we’ve got my favorite track of 2013, Seven Lions and Myon & Shane 54’s collaboration, “Strangers.” Now personally, I could listen to that track on repeat for an hour and not get sick of it, but I’m guessing most of you won’t feel that way so instead the mix continues on with “Right Here Right Now (Neon)” by Sander van Doorn and Tritonal’s club mix of their new hit, “Now or Never.”

Continuing on with the dance theme, we have “Take Me Home” by Cash Cash before dirtying things up a bit with “We Are One” by the king and queens of innuendo, Krewella. As we transition into the second half of this week’s list, we go from tearing it up on the dance floor with the Exodus, Sephano & Torio remix of Manufactured Superstars “Like Satellites,” to getting close to our valentines with Dash Berlin’s 4am Radio Mix of “Not Giving Up On Life,” originally by Armin van Buuren.

Keeping up with our trip into the past, next on the list is Kaskade’s mashup of Haley’s “Falling In Love,” and Deadmau5’s “Brazil,” conveniently titled, “Falling In Love With Brazil.” Also down on memory lane is Seven Lions' remix of Oceanlab’s “Satellite” which is sure to get your sweetheart in a cuddling kind of mood. And as a sweet treat this week, because clearly we’re not going to eat enough sugar, the list ends with “Run Away” by Fareoh as a bonus eleventh track. Think of it as my Valentine’s Day gift to you.

Now, for those of you who would rather focus on heartbreak this time of year, never fear, we’ve got a list of tracks coming for you later this week.

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