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EDM.com Spotlight

Pilerats Records Compiles Sensational Chill Trap

Chill Out With This Perfect Selection Of Tracks

Indulge yourself with Pilerats Records’ Rat Pack 1 compilation album, a top-notch selection of the most sensational trap you’ve heard in well...forever. Pilerats is an Australian record label and magazine that’s known for representing many of the industries truest (and most talented) underdogs.  The compilation is made up of some of dance music's most soulful producers, including Ryan Hemsworth, Trippy Turtle, and Esta. Together, these compositionally gifted producers deliver a unique parallel between low-tempo grooves alongside iconic trap synths to create the sexiest, chilled out compilation you've yet to discover. 

Beginning on an uplifting high note, we're taken on a journey through euphoric harmonies from the duo Odeza's latest release, "Sun Models." They are known for their chillstep NO.SLEEP mixes, and their recent remix of Pretty Light’s One Day They’ll Know." Hit play and you’ll be transported into a world of tropical synths and beautiful vocals from singer, Madelyn Grant. Another favorite, Leon Osborn’s “Rolls,” is the perfect driving music to become mesmerized to, and has a futuristic bounce to it that makes it the perfect addition to this flawlessly arranged compilation. Continue on, and artists such as Ryan Hemsworth, Trippy Turtle, and Renz take you on a journey through hip-hop grooves and laid-back, relaxing synth-work. It’s always reassuring to hear singles and remixes from producers who make music that you can listen to anywhere, and any time of day. 

Pilerats' album has been stuck on repeat ever since I began listening. Other producers like Wave Racer, Chet Faker, and Cosmo’s Midnight come to mind as I ventured down the list of tracks such as Renz’s “Good To Me,” and Trippy Turtle’s “Poison." Each producer offers something vastly different and brings together a collection of genres and sub-genres which are pretty impossible not to become lost in. Going through the album just once is simply not enough. You'll without a doubt become hooked after giving it a listen. After tiring out the play button on it, I suggest exploring each producers' social media pages to dig even deeper into some of the extraordinary music they have to offer. Get ready to become the newest leader of good vibes, and click the SoundCloud link to get lost in this wonderful world of chill, undeniably delightful music. 

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