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Skrillex Collaboration With Chance The Rapper Is Surprising

Skrillex's Takeover shows continue to amaze fans

Skrillex's Takeover shows are clearly one of the most newsworthy stories in the EDM blogosphere. Last week, he received attention for bringing Dave Chappelle on stage to crowd surf in addition to ending one of his sets with a touching tribute for Paul Baumer. Last night, Skrillex's held his first Brooklyn Takeover show at the Brooklyn Bowl. He surprised the crowd by unveiling his brand new collaboration with Chance the Rapper. Listen to the track below.

The song still does not have a name attached to it. The big surprise is that it is a much softer track than Skrillex's previous collaboration with a well-known rapper (see: “Wild For The Night ft. A$AP Rocky). This new tune has some chill jungle elements and an absence of big drops, which is perfect for allowing Chance the Rapper to show off his flow.

Skrillex's fans were certainly expecting to hear a track from the producer and Chance the Rapper, considering Mike WiLL Made It uploaded a photo of the three to his Instagram on January 29.

In an interview with XXL last week, Skrillex provided some insight on his future tracks as well as his thoughts on collaborating: “The thing about it is that there are so many records that are being made right now—which is also exciting—and whether they come out tomorrow or a year from now, there’s definitely a lot of bullets in the chamber. That’s the cool thing about it—previous to this last decade of the 2000s, it took so much to get people in the studio, managers going back and forth, who’s getting paid and this and that. And now it’s just like, people are working together collaboratively for fun, and then you see what happens afterwards. But yeah, we’re all working on projects together, for sure. There’s a lot of cool shit in the making right now.”

I love that Skrillex is so open-minded about collaborating. To see him work with Chance the Rapper and Mike WiLL Made It on a track a few years after he worked with The Doors is astounding. Also, Chance the Rapper is another person who realizes the magic that can come from collaborations. Aside from working with Skrillex, Chance the Rapper recently moved in with one of electronic music's geniuses, James Blake. Their plan to turn their Los Angeles house into a music-making compound sounds similar to what Skrillex has done with OWSLA.

I'm extremely happy with this new song, and I can't wait to hear what both Skrillex and Chance the Rapper have in store for their fans in the future.

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