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[Breaking News] Holy Ship!!! Expands To Two Weekends

Holy Ship!!! continues the trend of festivals expanding to two weekends

The popular festival-cruise Holy Ship!!! has announced they will be setting sail twice in 2015, The dates for 2015 are the weekends of January 3-6 and February 25-28. The announcement follows in the footsteps of other festivals like Ultra in 2013, Coachella the past two years, and Tomorrowland in 2014. The 2014 edition of Holy Ship!!! took place on January 9-12 and featured Skrillex, Duck Sauce, Diplo, Zedd, Disclosure, and many other famed producers.

The addition of a second weekend for Holy Ship!!! and other popular festivals comes as exciting news for some, but disappointing for others. On one hand, all of these festivals had sold out so quickly that many who wanted the opportunity weren’t able to get tickets. Expanding to two weekends will allow more fans to attend and (hopefully) keep scalping to a minimum. Alternately, the addition of a second weekend (or ‘sailing’) leads to commercialization and could affect many things that had made the festival so great (the vibes of the crowd, intimate nature of the festival, etc.).

Pre-booking for Holy Ship! begins in early March, so mark your calendars and set some money aside if you plan to attend!

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Photo Credit:  Rukes