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Culprate Getting Even More Creative On Next Album

Culprate launches Indiegogo campaign to fund experimental album

Culprate is one of the more innovative producers in electronic music. and he has grand plans for his next album. To accomplish his vision, Culprate needs to bring in new equipment, hire professional session musicians, and pay for studio time. As you can imagine, all of these costs add up. Although Culprate is a well-known producer, due in part to his Red Bull sponsorship and remix of Skrillex's "Bun Dem," it is still difficult to generate the cash flow necessary for the type of album he envisions. As a result, he has decide to take his idea to the funding website Indiegogo.

Culprate has launched a campaign on Indiegogo to raise £22,730 (roughly $38,000) to fund the production of his second album. Culprate’s first album, Colours, was released in 2011 and was posted on Soundcloud yesterday. Since the release of Colours, Culprate has put out several EPs, worked with famed producers like KOAN Sound, and created remixes for Pretty Lights, Dirtyphonics and Birdy Nam Nam.

So what advantage do fans have for supporting an album they haven’t even heard yet? Well, with Indiegogo you have the option of supporting the album in a variety of ways. The lowest level of support costs £10, or roughly the price and you will receive the full album download on its release. Each increment of money donated to the project after that offers different perks. One level includes a limited edition vinyl copy of the album, another is for producers and will allow a private session with Culprate where he will critically appraise their work. One of the higher levels includes an hour-long Skype session for a production tutorial, and for £1,500 you can own the original canvas for the album cover (pictured above).

This form of funding is a brilliant marketing concept.  On one hand, it's risky because Culprate is asking for a lot of faith and support from his fans; however, even if Culprate's album isn't entirely funded from this project, at least it makes the venture somewhat cheaper for him to accomplish.  Culprate is in a unique position, as many of his fans are producers, which should help him to garner support in fundraising.  

Could this idea potentially lead to more producers asking their fans to support an album in advance? With so many albums available for pre-order these days, many fans are used to paying for an album before they can actually hear it.  If this idea is successful for Culprate, I would imagine other producers would attempt the same type of funding for their future albums. There's no doubt this could be a trailblazing effort by Culprate.

The campaign is only two days old and is already about 1/3 of the way to reaching its goal of £22,730. Be sure to watch the video below, and if you believe in this idea and project, check out the Indiegogo site and donate to the cause.

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