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EDM.com Spotlight

Dubstep (Courtesy Of Omega) Played During Super Bowl Broadcast

Dubstep heard around the world

Omega, a good friend of ours at The EDM Network, recently had his music heard by 111 million people at the same time. That's right—111 million people. How, you might ask? He created the Denver Broncos' opening song for the 2013-2014 season, which was played as the team ran out during their Super Bowl introduction. It was a tremendous moment for dubstep music and dance music as a whole.

However, how did Omega come to produce such an important track for the top AFC football team? “The Broncos first connected with me through Nick Young, who is a manager at ThunderVision Creative Services, the audio/video production company for Sports Authority Field at Mile High,” says Omega. “Nick had been following me on Soundcloud, and contacted me initially to do a dubstep remix of the Close Encounters of The Third Kind theme, for the unveiling of the new video board and sound system at the 2013 4th of July fireworks show at the stadium. That first collaboration went really well, so they contacted me again with the idea for incorporating some dubstep into the Broncos opening song for the 2013 season.”

The decision by the Broncos to contact Omega to provide some dubstep for their opening song was a monumental one. Leading up to the season, the Broncos were the clear-cut favorite to win the AFC title. This meant that a lot of eyes would be on the team, which meant a lot of ears would hear Omega's music. The Broncos' choice was a clear win for dance music. Omega says, “I think that it's another example of the fact that dubstep (and electronic music in general) is here to stay, as a permanent and significant part of mainstream American culture. And, more specifically, I think it's a testament to the fierce mutual love between Denver and dubstep.”

The only downside to the whole situation is that Omega didn't receive a ton of attention for the huge track. He says, “ Even though on some level it was an insane amount of exposure, my work was really all behind the scenes and my name wasn't publicly attached to anything. It's definitely an amazing bit to put on my resume, and so far it does seem like a lot of new people are expressing interest in me.”


The final product ended up being a remix of "The Phoenix" by Fall Out Boy. Omega went over the creative process with us: "We [ThunderVision and Omega] met a couple of times to discuss which elements of The Phoenix they wanted me to use, and they gave me some guidelines for timing to fit appropriately with the video. From there, I spent a good bit of time in my studio working on sound design elements, and putting together several different bassline and drum sections to fit with the original track. I sent them several different versions, and after a bit of back and forth we settled on one that struck a good balance between keeping the vibe of the original tune, but also incorporating a lot of my signature sound in the basslines and drum work."

Omega is not allowed to release the remix to the public, so he ended up using some of the elements in his track, "Love With Violence." You can listen to the massive tune below.

Although a huge number of people got to listen to Omega's music, he is staying level-headed about the event. "I'd be really happy if it lead to more opportunities to do sound design, scoring, and other production work for other teams, TV, movies, video games, etc," says Omega.  "But I've learned over the years that one lucky break is by no means a guarantee of success in the entertainment industry.  So I'm staying humble about it.  At the end of the day, watching the Broncos run out onto the field at the Super Bowl, live on national TV, to my music was all the reward I could ever ask for."

His humbleness is a great trait to possess, and I believe it will get him far in the industry. I can't wait to hear what Omega has in store for the dubstep community in the near future.

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