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Chromeo Uses Craigslist To Reveal Important Info

In a very creative move, Chromeo announced the release date of their upcoming album, White Women, on Craigslist. The announcement also included the unveiling of the album's cover art. You can take a look at an Instagram upload of the Craigslist ad below. Alternatively, here's the link to the actual ad itself: http://minneapolis.craigslist.org/hnp/mis/4333310537.html

I'm unsure why the duo decided to put the ad in Minneapolis. They will be playing there on May 6, 2014, almost a full week before the announced released date of May 12, 2014. On the release date of their album, they have a show booked in Atlanta on May 12. This is pure conjecture, but maybe it's a joke on the fact that they will miss the Minneapolis crowd a week after they were there?

This isn't the first time a musician has used Craigslist to drop something. In fact, A-Trak, brother of Chromeo vocalist Dave 1, released a Duck Sauce remix on Craigslist on July 25, 2013. 

Also, releasing something important in an alternative method is nothing new for Chromeo. Just two weeks ago, the duo released their video for “Come Alive” via Shazam. Fans could listen to the track on Chromeo's SoundCloud account, open Shazam, and then be redirected to the music video. In an interview with Mashable, Dave 1 said, “New technology is an intrinsic part of our identity, as a band. We gained notoriety through music blogs and now live on music-streaming platforms. Now who doesn't use Shazam every day? It's a honor for us to be the first act to premiere a music video using their service.”

I love the innovative ways in which Chromeo has reached their fans. However, it comes as no surprise, as they are one of the most unique acts in music. The songs that have been released off of their upcoming album sound awesome, and I cannot wait to hear White Women from start to finish.

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