EDM.com Spotlight

EDM.com Spotlight

ToneDen Changes the Way the Internet Sees You

Can your career really be wrapped up on social media?

Well, you’ve got a badass DJ name. You’ve produced the hot tracks. You’ve got Twitter and Facebook -- and Soundcloud. But still, maybe things aren’t blowing up like you thought they would.

ToneDen is out to tackle that problem. Their platform is a one-stop “about me” that acts as a personal website and press kit, all while displaying content from other social platforms.

“It’s your job to make it as easy as possible for people learn about you,” says Ali Shakeri, CMO of the new company. “We help you do that, while making you look good.”

Standout features include a statistics and growth analyzer, and a “one-sheet” generator that produces an up-to-date press release. A basic profile with analytics is completely free, but to completely take advantage of the features (including the one-sheet and a custom domain) it costs $5 per month.

Electronic music has very much so grown up in a do-it-yourself culture, but the demand keeps growing for how a successful producer needs to be presented online and the task has become overwhelming. The intuitive design of ToneDen neatly wraps up what’s already there, and then packages it into a home base for fans, press, and record labels to learn everything you want them to know.

That checks hiring a website designer and PR-agent off the list; which leaves plenty of time to be a mastermind behind the decks, an ambassador of the turn-up, a social media superstar, oh - and that whole making music thing.

And guess what? Readers of EDM.com can get 40% off an annual subscription (price drops from $50 to $30) to Toneden by using the “EDMNETWORK” discount code. Insomniac Discovery Project winners like AndDrop!, M35, and Fista Cuffs are some of the producers already on-board. Check it out here.