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Don Diablo Kicks Off "America Could You Be Mine?" Tour [Exclusive Interview]

Don Diablo, the breakthrough Dutch producer from Holland, hit up the East Coast this past weekend to set off the official America Could You Be Mine? tour. The producer had literally just landed in America when we had the pleasure of meeting up before his scheduled Hartford, CT show. 

Previously, EDM.com featured Don Diablo's latest mix titled, Anarchy Anthems: Episode 7 mix (featured below). Following his recent release, we had the chance to discuss some highlights of the mix , as well as Don Diablo's goals going further into the 2014 year. If you haven’t already, check out the latest episode of the Anarchy Anthems, while you gain some more insight in EDM.com's exclusive interview with Don Diablo below. 

You’re kicking off your hit single, "Starlight Could You Be Mine" tour tonight. What are you most excited for?

I am! I have a lot of new edits, and new tracks to try out tonight, so I’m just excited overall. And when you have a long tour to look forward to, you always work extra hard before you leave to try to finish off all these tracks you’ve been working on for awhile, and you have these new edits and mash ups, so it’s always exciting because everything’s fresh.

I’m curious to know more about the festival scene in Holland, or better yet European style in general. There seems to be a lot more hype in America when it comes to electronic music, rather than raving and EDM, just being the general norm overseas. Could you explain more about this?

We’ve had it [Electronic Music/raves] for a couple of years, so everybody’s more used to it. I look at it from the angle of my Starlight video too—I kind of like the hype in dance culture [in America], because it’s new and everyone’s like EDM, wow! Where as, we [Holland] don’t even know what EDM is…it’s just the general norm. It’s always interesting because we’re used to everything, but here, [America] everything is new, so you have more of an open format and have the ability to be more creative.

Any plans in terms of collaborations this year? Could you give us any hints at who you’d love to work with? 

I was actually just talking about this in the car, because there are so many options out there right now. I’ve been talking DJ Snake, Dillon Francis, Nicky Romero, so there’s a couple of things on the table, there’s just not enough time, so we’ll see what happens.

Moving on to your latest mix, Anarchy Anthems: Episode 7, could you talk more about the style you were going for? The beginning reminded me of Nu Disco—was this something you were going for? 

I’ve been doing a lot of disco for years now to be honest, and I just really like to build my sets. I think of playing a DJ set and making a mix as kind of like having sex. You have to start with a little bit of foreplay, then build it to a climax, and not just in my DJ set, but also in podcasts too. Some people like to go in full force, (without kissing), but that’s not my style. I like to read the crowd and really build into the next set, or play something different then the previous artist. You have to ask yourself, is this guy raging out right now, or is he just playing the Beatport Top 10? It’s something I think about whenever I go into my sets, or whenever I’m creating podcasts or mixes.

I read a recent article on how it’s easier, and better yet, more effective to produce EPs, and small mixes every month or week, rather than creating a full-length album. What’s your opinion on this, and are you in the midst of creating an album anytime soon, or are you just sticking to EP structure?

It’s a bit of both for me, because it’s true, people in the EDM world don’t have the attention span to wait for a full album for let’s say, two years, and still be seen as a relevant artist. Things go out of fashion, if you’re working on an album for two years, the stuff you’ve been working on may not be as relevant anymore. But at the same time that’s the goal—to make music that is relevant for years to come. If you think back to The Chemical Brothers and Daft Punk, the music they produced still sounds current. Now, if you’re releasing a Dubstep record, it’s seen as, “So last year.”

My last mix was five months ago, and now I’m just releasing my latest episode of Anarchy Anthems because there’s just not enough music out there to do a mix every week, but I’m still going to try and do this. I’m going to start a radio show in the future. I’m working on two different levels right now. One will be album and radio-style material, and the other will be more raging, club-style tunes, so I'll cater to two different levels. You need to have those records you can play at a DJ set, and also, going back and forth between radio-style and weird, underground stuff.

Preview some club-style material with Don Diablo's forthcoming track titled, "Black Mask," which he dropped during his stop in Canada this past weekend. Tickets for the remaining dates for the America Could You Be Mine? tour are available here

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