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EDM.com Spotlight

Benga Ends DJing Career To Start Family

Dubstep pioneer announces retirement from DJing

Today is a sad day in the world of electronic music. Benga, one of the early pioneers for dubstep, has announced on Facebook that he is now engaged and has decided to terminate his career as a DJ in order to start a family.

Benga was well known for his collaborations with fellow dubstep pioneer Skream, as well as his role in the group Magnetic Man (along with Skream and Artwork). Last year, Skream announced that he was done producing and DJing dubstep in order to pursue other genres.

Even though Benga has announced the end of his DJing career, we wonder if this means he will leave the music industry completely? It is possible that he could continue to produce music at home while still concentrating on his family.   Either way, we thank Benga for his contributions to music and appreciate his commitment to his family.

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