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Las Vegas Club Posts Strict Rules In DJ Booth

A new Las Vegas nightclub, AFTER, posted the above list of rules to their DJ booth. The list contains a mix of inspiring and downright crazy guidelines that they expect their late night (3 AM) DJ to follow.  [Keep in mind that the club is a late night club, with hours from 3:30 AM - 8:00 AM.]

While we applaud their creativity and strict objections to lazy DJs, some of their requests might upset you. The list bans all hip-hop, trap and dubstep, as well as music by respectable artists such as Calvin Harris, deadmau5, and Hardwell. The list includes a dry sense of humor, calling Martin Garrix a douche, and banning anything with a Lil Jon or T-Pain drop.

I will admit that the list is quite intriguing. It’s a refreshing feeling knowing that when you go to a club, you know you aren’t going to hear a DJ mix “Titanium” into “Party Rock Anthem.” What do you think about the move by AFTER?   Would you visit the club next time you’re in Las Vegas?


H/T: WhiteRaverRafting 

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