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EDM.com Spotlight

Weekly Twitter Roundup 004

This week on Twitter…

…the focus was on Ultra Music Festival and its Phase 2 lineup announcements. It seems like everyone and their mother is playing this year, making us want to go even more. Also catching our eye this week was Above & Beyond’s Reddit AMA, Armin kicking off his ASOT650 celebrations, and of course, Daft Punk’s Grammy wings.

1. Daft Punk wins Album of the Year

The French duo also won Record of the Year, Best Dance/Electronica Album, and Best Pop Duo/Group, putting their total at 4, but who’s counting? Oh and Random Access Memories won for best Audio Engineering, Non-Classical. So, make that 5 awards.

2. Above & Beyond talks OceanLab in a Reddit AMA

When asked about an OceanLab reunion, Above & Beyond said it didn’t make sense for them to use two different artist names anymore. BUT, Justine Suissa has joined the group for the new album and is officially in Above & Beyond now, so it’s almost like we’re seeing a reunion.

3. A State of Trance 650 has commenced

Armin Van Buuren has officially kicked off the ASOT650 shows with this week’s performance in Russia. The live performance got so much social media attention that it was a Twitter trending topic worldwide.

4. Ultra made us all download an app…

When Ultra told us to download the Ultra 2014 app, we were eager to see what it was all about. Then when they told us there was a surprise waiting for us in the app, well, lets just say we were quick to take a look.

5. …and then announced the Phase 2 of the lineup

This lineup is sick. Anyone and everyone is playing this year, and every electronic music fan is currently trying to find a way to Miami during the last weekend in March. Better get your tickets soon because there are only a few left.

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