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EDM.com Spotlight

23 Songs You're Guaranteed To Hear This Festival Season

The most wonderful time of the year is almost upon us (sorry, Christmas). The countdown to festival season is on, and for the snowbound regions of the world, not a moment too soon. Before we know it we’ll be trading in our everyday lives for the glorious, soul-cleansing pandemonium of dance music festivals. But what will this year’s mainstage smash hits be? Our editorial staff put our heads together to come up with the 23 songs that you’ll most likely be hearing as you rage out with 50,000 of your closest friends this spring and summer. Our criteria: absolute bangers we could envision masses of people jumping to, and relatively new so they won’t be losing steam by March. Turn up your bass and check ‘em out.

Just to get this out of the way – Señor Snake may just rack up the most plays in a single season all-time with this one. Here’s hoping some creative remixes premiere soon that layer even more madness on top. If possible.

We’ve had a couple songs named “Earthquake” recently, but this one truly lives up to the name with its devastating, equilibrium-shattering drops.

“Back To Earth” is about as hot as hot gets since its official release three weeks ago, after being stashed away in Hardwell’s vault and teased out sparingly towards the end of last year. A metric ton of producers have supported the song this month, and we can be sure that won’t slow down as we enter the spring.

Tritonal continues their shift into full-fledged electro, constructing marquee hit after hit - and “Colors” may just be the culmination of that climb. Expect many a set to be closed out with this one.

One of the newest tracks on this list, MOTi’s bringing the 80s back with this utterly infectious jam. There’s no way this one leaves your head anytime soon.

W&W have evolved from their days of hard-edged trance into a behemoth of a festival music duo rivaling Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike. “Bigfoot” is just the latest in a laundry list of releases that are sure to get ample play this season.

No major festival is complete without a mainstage sing-along anthem, and this year’s number one ranked DJ is the one to deliver it. Hands, meet air.

Speaking of Revealed, Hardwell’s protégé Dyro is sure to have his music make a raucous entrance to dance music festivals across the world this year. “Black Smoke” bottles up the essence of his breakthrough song “Leprechauns & Unicorns,” shakes it up, and blasts the cap off, releasing a torrent of festival-ready sound.

Stage dives will occur. The wizard behind “Turn Down For What” paired up with our man Dillon Francis, and the result is a monster party track with an Arabian-inspired synth line that’s sure to rip through your soul when it drops.

Hundreds of thousands of ravers will feel the divine inspiration of “stepping on buildings, cars, and boats” this season. Bank it.

Deep house seems to be building a great deal of steam in the mainstream scene as of late, and if this truly is to be “the year deep house takes over,” we’re going to receiving a heavy dose of subterranean beats. True deep house doesn’t mesh too well with most festival environments, so we’re more likely to hear the big room approximation of the subgenre. Enter Oliver Heldens.

I’m going to assume Deniz Koyu rolls out of bed every morning and immediately checks his calendar, “Is it festival season yet?...No, it’s not” and then goes back into hibernation. No stranger to summer success, his track “Tung” is one of the most played festival anthems ever and “Ruby” figures to duplicate that success this go-around.

When one of the biggest names in music remixes the hit single of a modern-day legend, people play the song. “Inciting misdemeanors” be damned.

Yes, this one originally dropped a little while ago – but with “Thinking About You” getting its turn on radio stations nationwide as of late, the Manufactured Superstars remix will be the go-to festival translation, taking the well-known lyrics and spreading them over an energetic backdrop.

“Rather Be” is making quick work of some of the records “Get Lucky” held mere months earlier, albeit everywhere except the US. The original track and its official remixes are all fairly restrained, but it’s only a matter of time before a huge name slaps the electrohouse treatment on it and catapults the hit single to festival success.

This year’s festival favorite masquerading as a gimmick song, in the vein of Knife Party’s “Internet Friends,” will inevitably be a source of humor for partiers over the next few months. Who cares that it sounds perhaps a little too similar to a Psy song?

Noticing a theme? When someone takes over to the level Hardwell has, his friends get to come along for the ride.

Showtek’s been putting up red hot numbers each summer for the past couple years with their big room anthems, and “We Like To Party” is primed to continue that trend in a big way.

You didn’t expect DVBBS to go quietly, did you? “Never stop the f*cking rave” should go over well with the masses gathered to do just that.

Deorro is quickly making his name synonymous with big-time party music, and the spiritual successor to “Yee” is crafted ideally for an enormous live setting.

With these names attached, “Feedback” is near mortal lock to make it into a ton of festival sets.

Let’s all have a moment of silence to pray that we don’t hear any more of “Animals” this year. With that said, Martin Garrix is in no way through with us. If he’s got bangers up his sleeve like this remix of “Crackin,” his Joffrey-esque reign of terror shall endure.

Nothing says mainstage hit like R3hab and Lucky Date. Rip it up responsibly my friends.

Bonus: Battle of the “Rockins”

Which will prevail as the most rockingest track of the season? Time will tell.

Do you think we missed any surefire bets to get extensive spins this festival season? Let us know @TheEDMNetwork or sound off on our Facebook page! In the meantime, get those calf muscles ready for hours of jumping. If this collection is any indication, you'll need to.