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Deadmau5 Calls Out Wildstylez For Possible Plagiarism

deadmau5 is tweeting again, and Wildstylez is the subject of his wrath

Typically, we don't want to use angry tweets as the basis of one of our articles, but this is something that is too important not to cover. Earlier today, deadmau5 called out Wildstylez for using the same chord progression that was utilized in "Some Chords." Take a look at deadmau5's tweet below to listen to the song in question.

The chord progression sounds exactly the same as "Some Chords," right? If you need a refresher course on how "Some Chords" sounds, listen below.

In a surprising move, Wildstylez denied taking the chord progression for "Straight Forward" from "Some Chords." In fact, he tweeted a video at deadmau5, which I assume he meant to claim as his inspiration on "Straight Forward."

I'll be the first one to say Deadmau5 seems to always get into arguments on Twitter. However, deadmau5 seems to be on the right side of this argument. I would be genuinely surprised if Wildstylez did not lift this progression from "Some Chords."

Unfortunately, the argument has led to the hardstyle community endlessly hating on deadmau5. It's never fun to see fans hating on a producer. As a hardstyle fan myself, I realize that deadmau5 is simply taking out his anger on Wildstylez, and I understand it completely. But many hardstyle fans have taken it personally and are launching attacks against deadmau5. You could say he had it coming since he was so aggressive in the way he called out Wildstylez, but the fact is deadmau5 has a point. He worked hard to create "Some Chords," and it is never fun to see someone possibly plagiarize your work and claim it as their own.

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