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EDM.com Spotlight

Too $hort Working On EDM Album

Too $hort has decided to throw his hat into the EDM ring with his upcoming album, Weird Science. The 47-year-old rapper has been able to stay relevant throughout the years by changing with the times, yet still maintaining his trademark flow. As a result, it isn't a big surprise to see him work with dance music producers. In fact, it might even be an expected outcome after Too $hort worked with Lady Gaga on the track "Jewels N'Drugs," which came out on her recent album, Artpop.

Too $hort is working with San Francisco electronic label MalLabel Music on the album. Each track on the album will also feature fellow rapper Oh Blimey. In the SoundCloud description for the title single, "Weird Science," Mal, founder of MalLabel Music, provides his thoughts on working with Too $hort: "A Too $hort/MalLabel collaboration was the natural next step. After years [of] incorporating hip-hop into our events and our label releases--plus with the rise of trap music--I knew having a rapper like Too $hort on board would work with our audience." Take a listen to the single, produced by El Diablo, below.

The album will also feature a track from EDM.com favorites Omega and Dirt Monkey. Additional producers on the album are: Psymbionic x Wolf-e-Wolf, Samples, AHAB, S.P.E.C.T.R.E, Timmy Tutone, Skulltrane, Smash & Grab, Trevor Kelly and Mochipet.

With the solid production that will be backing Too $hort on the album, I'm looking forward to seeing what Weird Science will sound like from start to finish.

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