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Dear Dillon Francis...

Dear Dillon,

Ever since DJ Hanzel opened your IDGAFOS tour, I can’t help but want more Hanzel in my life. Hanzel’s set at the 9:30 Club in Washington D.C. was a mixture of deep and tech house heaven – but 15 minutes wasn’t enough. This is an open letter to you and Hanzel asking that you give the people what they want – original music and full sets from DJ Hanzel.

Hanzel is known for going “von more f*cking deepa,” and what would be deeper than a DJ Hanzel original song or full set? Hanzel may be too uptight or too f*cking German for you to handle all the time, but that’s a small price to pay for how deep he gets. An original song would go so deep, it may just help you to find your dad. 

Dillon and Hanzel could be an unstoppable team! Think about it - all of your fans would be delighted to catch a full Dillon Francis moombahton and trap set at a festival with a DJ Hanzel deep house set to follow. One of your friends, Clockwork, significantly increased his marketability after he created his trap alias, RL Grime. He is consistently booked twice at festivals because he can play one electro house set and one trap set. Giving Hanzel more exposure would be great for both of your careers.

DJ Rich As Fuck is probably too busy buying tracks from ghost producers to go on tour (lol haha), but the public is finally ready to go one deeper. Dillon, let Hanzel out of your basement and we’ll let your dad out of ours. 


Taco Bell

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