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Afrojack Releases Intriguing Teaser Of Snoop Dogg Collaboration

Afrojack moves away from pop music with Snoop Dogg collab

Over the weekend, Afrojack took to Instagram to release a teaser of his track with Snoop Dogg. The collaboration will be released on Afrojack's upcoming album. Listen to the teaser below.

A collaboration with Snoop Dogg is no surprise, as Afrojack uploaded an Instagram video of the two in the studio in November of last year. The video was a response to Eminem questioning who Afrojack is during the MTV European Music Awards. It featured a remix of "My Name Is," with Snoop mouthing the chorus, which leads into an "Afrojack" name drop. You can refresh your memory by watching the video below.

The teaser of the track with Snoop Dogg sounds very different from Afrojack's two recent releases, "Ten Feet Tall" and "The Spark." In stark contrast to the poppy tracks he's been releasing, the Snoop track sounds like a fusion of the Dutch house sound with trap elements.

There's no doubt that Afrojack's decision to cater to the mainstream as well as his connections to people like Paris Hilton have made him a controversial producer. However, I'm still very interested to hear what the rest of his album sounds like. With last month's announcement that Afrojack was in the studio with Wiz Khalifa and Jennifer Lopez, I expect the album to be very diverse. I hope there is a lot of the Dutch house sound on the album, as I've started to miss it with all of the big-room "Animals" type tracks being released.

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