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EDM.com Spotlight

Monstercat's New Album, Expedition, Will Be Available As Free Download

Monstercat's new compilation album, Expedition, will be released on Wednesday, February 26, and they have decided to do something special for music fans. From 12pm PST to 2pm PST on February 26, they will have the album available for free on their website. You can watch the teaser for Expedition below. 

Monstercat has a track record of providing you with the best tracks in dance music, and their 16th compilation album, Expedition, will serve as a great addition to their catalog of fantastic releases. According to the press release for the album, "The album’s title is a deliberate reference to the path Monstercat has forged thus far. With a knack for cultivating strong relationships with its artists and fans alike, the imprint is now driving itself forth to go from demanding attention from the industry to being one of its strongest voices."

With the 2-hour free download period on Wednesday, Monstercat hopes that you will share their music with all of their friends. This is a great marketing move by one of my favorite record labels in the dance music industry.

Monstercat has also partnered with Thunderclap and PRDCR to provide you a bonus track for free if you agree to help them "thunderclap" the album release. When you thunderclap something, it means you are allowing a brand to post one message to your social media accounts. The track you will receive for taking part in the thunderclap is "Once Again" by Tristam. If you want to find out more about the thunderclap, head to: http://monstercat.prd.cr.

This free download comes just a week after Monstercat released a free remix pack for Pegboard Nerdswhich EDM.com covered. The generosity of Monstercat never ceases to amaze me.

I'm interested to see how this free album download works out for Monstercat on Wednesday. One thing's for certain: I'll be online at 12pm PST to grab my free download.

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