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EDM.com Spotlight

The Prototypes Talk Drum And Bass With EDM.com (Exclusive Interview)

Over the past couple years, The Prototypes have made it a point to distinguish themselves from the rest of the drum & bass community. Brewing up seismic sounds that careen through your speakers at incomprehensible speeds, this duo’s gritty and grungy UK essence has undoubtedly resonated with DnB devotees worldwide. Following their highly hyped release of Pale Blue Dot/Lights, I recently had the opportunity to catch up with the guys and ask them a few questions. I’ve gone ahead and posted both of the new tracks below as well, so please feel free to listen to them as you peruse through our conversation.

EDM = Barrett Nelson of EDM.com
C = Chris
N = Nick

EDM: How did The Prototypes form? How did you meet each other?

C: We were rival promoters originally in Brighton. After a year or so we ended up on a show together at drumandbassworldwide.com and have been friends ever since. The Prototypes didn’t form for another 5 years until late 2010, where we made our first ever track together ”Work It,” which got picked up by Roni Size who had played it for so long that he asked for a VIP of it which we made. And that’s the version which got released on DJ SS’s imprint Formation Records with a track called “Breathless” on the A side!

EDM: Who are some of your biggest musical inspirations and influences?

C: For me, Metal, UKG, Movie Soundtracks, House, and of course Drum & Bass have all been major influences. In my early teens, I was mostly listening to bands like Pantera, Guns & Roses, Nirvana, Eat Static, etc. This went on to the Foo Fighters, M J Cole, Ed Rush & Optical mixtapes, C J Boland, and I think the first ever drum and bass album I ever heard was Ram Trilogy, Sound in Motion, in about 1998/99. I didn’t even know what drum and bass was then, but I loved that album, I’ve got it on Vinyl now.

N: Definitely my brother. He was a Hardcore raver and used to own a pair of decks so I was kind of brought up on Hardcore and Jungle from a really early age and also taught how to DJ very early on. I used to sneak into his room when he was at college and use his decks and pretend I was a DJ when I was about 10 years old. Was heavily into artists like Dr S Gachet, DJ Vibes, Kenny Ken, Zinc, Shy Fx, Ray Keith, and SS since I was a little kid.

EDM: Has drum & bass always been the genre you primarily produce?

C: I was producing for a long time previous to the Prototypes starting out. Primarily Drum & Bass, but also Hip Hop / Breaks & Ambient music.

N: Yes. Also, I make a little bit of House and UKG on the side.

EDM: Tell us a little bit about your latest release, Pale Blue Dot/Lights? What was the creative process like?

C: “Pale Blue Dot” was an idea that had been sitting around for a little while just as an intro really. We decided to go through some old ideas and this one just popped out at us and we started to work on it strait away, we got it finished within two weeks just in time for the single deadline! “Lights” has been in our sets for some time in different stages of its production, which has taken a long time!

EDM: What does it mean to be associated with a prestigious drum & bass label like Viper Recordings?

N: It’s great to be with Viper. We have been on and worked with many labels over the last 3 years and we feel like we are where we need to be now in order to really come through. They get us and they get our sound more than we ever had before, so it’s really exciting to be able to work on tracks with them.

EDM: Did you guys ever imagine that you would experience this amount of success?

N: We have always been confident in our music and we put a tremendous amount of pressure on ourselves to make sure it is right, maybe too much pressure…but it has bought us a level of success. There is still far far more that we want to achieve. This is just the start really.

EDM: For those of us in the states still adjusting to the DnB movement, can you give us your thoughts on the current drum & bass scene?

C & N: It’s strong. There are so many different styles about at the moment from really talented producers that you are kind of spoilt for choice.

EDM: What are some names of EDM producers that you enjoy at the moment? Any favorite’s that you like to use in your live sets?

C & N: Producers we are feeling at the moment are: Dimension, Audio, Black Sun Empire, Loadstar, Drumsound & Bassline Smith, Smooth, and loads more.

EDM: Did you watch the winter Olympics at all? If so, what was your favorite event?

C & N: Didn’t watch any of it man. We just do not have any time to watch TV at the moment. Work work work haha.

EDM: So what’s next for The Prototypes? Any secrets you feel like spilling about your forthcoming City of Gold LP?

C & N: The album is still being worked on and we have some huge remixes on the way. We are just working on a remix for Steve Aoki and Flux Pavilion at the moment that you should hear very soon. We can't give you any more info on the album. It’s all top secret.

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