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Skrillex's Collaboration With Fatman Scoop And Kill The Noise Is Pure Insanity

Skrillex's Takeover Shows have been the source of many notable events over the past month. The most recent happening to catch our attention is a video of Skrillex dropping his collaboration with Kill The Noise and Fatman Scoop at Melkweg in Amsterdam on Friday. I found a full recording of the song on YouTube after a friend stumbled upon a short clip of the song on Fatman Scoop's Instagram. I remember seeing a clip of the song from one of Skrillex's San Francisco Takeover shows, but it was only a two-minute video. This new upload from the Amsterdam show is three minutes long. It is a massive tune, and I know DJs will be tearing clubs apart with it in 2014. As of this writing, there is no scheduled release date, and the name of the track hasn't been revealed.

There are many people who don't like Skrillex, but I find this to be a great high-energy track. Regardless of what you think about Skrillex, there's no denying that he is willing to think outside the box for his productions. Two weeks ago, he debuted his jungle-infused track with Chance The Rapper, and he is always searching for innovative artists to collaborate with. This collaboration with Fatman Scoop is a surprise, but it kind of makes sense considering Lil' Jon's involvement with dance music. Fatman Scoop and Lil' Jon likely have the two most recognizable yells in hip-hop, and they are great at hyping crowds up.  

The collaboration was expected due to an Instagram video uploaded by Fatman Scoop on December 10, 2013. It's great to actually hear what appears to be the full song, though.

Skillex hasn't always been my favorite producer, but he has always demanded my respect due to his open-mindedness when it comes to music. I am a big fan of Skrillex's taste in music, and I'm looking forward to see what he will surprise the world with next.

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