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Burning Man Tickets Posted on StubHub for $1 Million Each

 After 40,000 tickets to Burning Man sold out within an hour last week, a handful of online resellers put hundreds back on the market at ridiculous markups - two of which run for $1 million each on StubHub. Outlets like Ebay, TheTicketBucket and Vivid Seats hold tickets to the storied Black Rock Desert festival in stock as well.

StubHub holds the largest stock of Burning Man tickets at over 500 units, with prices ranging from over $1,000 to $1,000,000.90, to be exact. Tickets to the festival originally sold for $390 and were purchased by roughly 21,500 people, which elicited an uproar from the burner community.


A statement on the Burning Man website conceded that the scalping of the festival’s tickets runs contrary to its founding principles but expressed that the organization has had difficulty finding a constructive way to resolve the dilemma. "It's antithetical to our community's ethos, but it's also the reality of supply and demand," read the statement.

The OMG and low-income sales will present burners with further opportunities to purchase tickets to the festival, however. The 2015 edition of Burning Man will take place in Black Rock City, NV on August 30.

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