EDM.com Spotlight

EDM.com Spotlight

Ben Negative Gets Funky with "Milk"

It's time for us to see what newcomer Ben Negative can bring to the table. Well let me just tell you, what he has to offer is so much more than clicking buttons and pressing play. This madman is one of the few artists we see nowadays utilizing a full-on analog production setup, something which has become increasingly rare of late, and which gives his sound an incredible color and richness. Rather than constructing synths with software such as Massive or Sylenth, Ben Negative is creating sounds organically with an actual hard synthesizer, he’s the real deal, and it shows in every facet of his music and performance.

But enough about the details, lets focus our attention on the finished piece of work. “MILK” comes in hot at a speed of 115 beats per minute, fully equipped with all the driving aspects of electro, as well as funky array of non stop disco vibes to keep the groove going until the very end. Luckily for us, a top-notch music video was made to accompany this Nu-Disco anthem, so take a look and get familiar with Ben Negative, this guy is preparing for an all-out takeover in 2014.

Purchase: http://btprt.dj/1eqYPlz

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