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EDM.com Spotlight

Tiësto To Provide Hakkasan Crowd With PixMob's Innovative LED Wristbands

Tiësto has partnered with PixMob in order to provide his fans with a more immersive clubbing experience. Beginning February 28, all of his 2014 Hakkasan Las Vegas shows will feature 2,500 attendees wearing LED wristbands as a part of PixMob VIDEO. These wristbands will generate wireless video effects that sync with Tiësto's music. This creates an atmosphere where everyone's wrists are pulsating, and it allows the crowd to be used as a canvas. The Super Bowl was the only other time this technology was used.

Tiësto sounds very excited by what the LED wristbands will contribute to his show. “I was absolutely amazed by what PixMob was able to do at the Super Bowl and can’t wait to team up with them for my own shows. Hakkasan is already one of the best clubs in the world, so to bring the PixMob experience to my fans will be something really special,” Tiësto says.

The technology is controllable via computer, so any in-house lighting director can easily use it. According to the press release, “A video server sends a video feed to transmitters, which then send instructions to pixels at over 100,000 locations over wireless infrared in real time. The pixels then change color according to the information received, allowing the lighting director to include the crowd in a creative vision.”

This technology sounds like it has the potential to provide an amazing visual experience, but will it simply become a fad that dies down after the initial excitement? I'm not sure how people will react to wearing these wristbands at a club they paid more than $100 to attend. People initially go crazy when they receive one of those styrofoam light sticks that get passed out at clubs, but the sticks often end up on the ground after 15 minutes. When it comes down to it, people in Las Vegas want to party. They paid a lot of money to get into one of the top nightclubs on the Strip, and I don't know if they'll want to throw on an LED wristband while they are wearing their snazziest club attire. I'm very interested to see how club-goers feel about these LED wristbands.

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