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Dog Blood Unveils Eclectic 'Middle Finger Pt. 2 Remixes'

Dog Blood uploaded Middle Finger Pt. 2 Remixes to their SoundCloud today. The remix pack includes quite the eclectic mix of producers. The lead track, “Middle Finger Pt. 2,” is given the remix treatment three times on this impressive release. Alesia's spin on the tune presents your ears with a grimy trap sound along with some industrial elements tossed in. S-Type's remix effort of “Middle Finger Pt. 2” is trap as well, but with an eerie, almost Christmas-sounding element integrated within. Bok Bok turned “Middle Finger Pt. 2” into a series of never-ending wobbles. The fidgety remix clearly differentiates itself from the solid efforts put forth by Alesia and S-Type.

I have a feeling that Bambounou's minimalist techno take on “Chella Ride” will make a lot of fans unhappy. After a few hours of the track being on SoundCloud, I've already read some negative comments. However, I enjoyed the remix. I think you'll need to be a big techno fan to enjoy Bambounou's remix.

Where this pack of remixes really stands out is the two new versions of “Shred Or Die.” The original track is really heavy and features a lot of guitar, so Dog Blood's decision to bring in DJ Sliink and Kevin Saunderson to each provide their own remix instantly piqued my interest. DJ Sliink infused his Jersey Club sound on his remix and turned it into a bass-heavy tune with plenty of vocal chopping. Whereas the original made you want to break some stuff, DJ Sliink's makes you want to party.

Saunderson's inclusion completely surprised me. I love that Dog Blood brought Saunderson on board for this remix pack. Saunderson is considered by many techno fans to be the father of Detroit techno, and I've seen him prominently featured in a few dance music documentaries. Similar to Bambounou's remix, I feel like Saunderson's vision of “Shred Or Die” won't receive the credit it deserves. Saunderson's remix is something I would love to hear at a club in the early morning hours. In fact, it takes the cake for my favorite track on Middle Finger Pt. 2 Remixes.

Take the time to listen to all six remixes below and figure out which one is your favorite.

Middle Finger Pt. 2 Remixes will be available for purchase on March 4th.

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